Friday, June 4, 2010

Clay Vase

For my sister's birthday, I made a vase to go in her newly redecorated kitchen, which is mostly red, with some black and white accents. I started with a plain glass vase and covered it with a relatively thin layer of red polymer clay, which had been run through my pasta machine (strictly for clay, of course!). This took some time, since bubbles tend to form between the glass and clay. I used a straight pin to poke the bubbles and continued to flatten and smooth the clay around the vase, trying to keep it the same thickness all over. I took black clay and white clay and made a sort of zebra pattern with it, as well as a cross-hatch pattern. One of the things I love about working with clay is being able to make different sizes of my design! You can see in the middle of the vase are some of the cross-hatch squares, and around the lip are the same, only smaller. Around the shoulder are some even smaller. I put a glaze on it, baked it, and voila! I found some flowers to continue the theme, added some greenery and some pebbles for stability, and wrapped it up! It is sitting in her kitchen garden window, hopefully reminding her each day how much she means to me.


  1. Wow Darrelyn, what a fantastic vase. I love it. I'm sure your sister does too. Years ago I was into gluing my handmade paper onto glass vases. I recently gave my sister one that I made. It matches the colors in her diningroom perfectly, and looks so good there.

  2. Thanks Valerie! It sounds like we think alike. I'd love to see one of your vases. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment.