Saturday, May 22, 2010

No End To The Tangles!

My ever-supportive sweetheart, Paul, loves the tangles I've done. He decided that I needed to create some on his motorcycle helmet! He gave me free reign, promising he would love anything I came up with. So.....ta-da! Here it is. He, as promised, loves it! (sigh of relief here) I wiped the area down with alcohol before I began. He bought a paint pen for me, but I felt it was too thick. I wound up using the ZIG Millenium pens that I use on paper. When I finished, I sprayed it with a couple of coats of clear acrylic sealer. (The pinstriping was already on there - he's got a creative streak himself!) He's already coming up with new places I need to tangle on.......


  1. What a great idea! How fun and personalized :)

    Welcome to the blogosphere :)

  2. Thank you so much for your comments! It was fun to do this little project, but I enjoyed it even more because it was his special request, and a little bit of me to go along with him when I can't.

    I notice now that I'm always looking at things and wondering how I can alter it, use it elsewhere, create something different with it, etc. I love it!

  3. Awesome Darrelyn!
    Don't you find zentangling (lol) soothing?

    Thanks for the comment on my doll! She's been a challenge... ; )

  4. This is just great. I've heard about zentangles but have never done one. Yours are very inspiring.

    I also think your blog is great, you've done a good job. Welcome to blogland. I'll be back to visit. Thanks for putting me in your blogroll.