Saturday, May 22, 2010

No End To The Tangles!

My ever-supportive sweetheart, Paul, loves the tangles I've done. He decided that I needed to create some on his motorcycle helmet! He gave me free reign, promising he would love anything I came up with. So.....ta-da! Here it is. He, as promised, loves it! (sigh of relief here) I wiped the area down with alcohol before I began. He bought a paint pen for me, but I felt it was too thick. I wound up using the ZIG Millenium pens that I use on paper. When I finished, I sprayed it with a couple of coats of clear acrylic sealer. (The pinstriping was already on there - he's got a creative streak himself!) He's already coming up with new places I need to tangle on.......

Abstract Paintings

Last year, I asked my other nephew, Ben, to look through a couple of my art collection books and point out his favorites. He has always had an interest in art, and it was fascinating to me to review his eclectic choices. Topping his list were a couple of Jackson Pollacks, so I used that as inspiration to create a piece for his birthday last May. Above was the result. Ben and his then-fiance, Erin, liked it so much, they asked if I would do another, and possibly two, to create a triptych for their new home. Below is Part II. I hope they like this one just as well. Part III is waiting for a nice (non-windy) day for its' evolution. (Believe me, I learned that after Part I - I had paint EVerywhere - and I did it outside! But it was absolutely fun.) I'm looking forward to seeing them hanging in Ben & Erin's lovely home.

Name That Tangle!

Hopefully you recognize my "homage" to one of my all-time favorite paintings. Now I am in a quandary - should I color it? I'm curious to hear your thoughts - please take just a moment to comment! Thanks for visiting.

My First "Painted" Tangle

Someone posted a question on the Alteredbooks webpage asking about using a particular type of shimmery watercolor paint. I loved the look of the colors and went searching myself. I ordered from Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts something similar to the kind the poster was inquiring about, simply called Pearlescent Water Color Set. Here is the first attempt at using them. I love the look of the colors - the shimmer is more subtle in some colors than others. I'm looking forward to using them more often!

Tangles Too!

Here are a couple more tangles, done a bit more recently. I was inspired by some artwork I found in a couple of books on my shelves. I was really pleased with how both of these turned out. I like the "windy" feel of the obelisk-looking tangle, and the whimsical effect of the - what? - spider web in a tree?


Finally able to get some new photos taken of tangles I've created over the past couple of months. I've really enjoyed doing these, and experimenting with it. These are a couple of early versions, which may not show up the best. I was using what I had on hand, a silver Sharpie, and a pink fine point pen.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Nephew's Portrait

You are looking at the very first portrait I painted, from a photo I took of my nephew at a family gathering the prior Thanksgiving (I think). I should point out that his suit was actually grey. Since Wallace is red/green color-blind, I re-envisioned it in blues and yellows. The photo was one of our favorites, so I painted this for his birthday in March '09. He seemed very pleased with it and that made me happy.

AMGL Donation

This is a piece created for the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette installation/auction exhibition 1/23 - 3/21/2009. It was a fundraiser entitled Make Art Present! A Mosaic of Community Gifts. Any type of art could be submitted, as long as it fit into the 8 x 10 frame received when you registered. There were many amazing artworks submitted! I would have loved to bid on about 10 pieces.

This is a polymer clay creation, made from both solid and liquid clay. I made Skinner blends of different colors, stamped designs, cut them out and highlighted with some pearl powders. A local woman won it in the auction for about $45, which was a thrill for me! (My first purchased piece of art!) She emailed me to say how much she loved it and how it perfectly accented her Moroccan-themed bedroom. It was such a pleasure to create something that a total stranger could enjoy.

I also submitted a photograph that sold as well, which I can't seem to locate a photo of right now - ha! If I do, I will post it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day One - Virgin Territory

Welcome! I will state for the record that I know little, er, well, ok - nothing - about setting up a blog. I've decided that it will be a learning experience that I am looking forward to! I hope to display various types of projects, crafts, creations, and dare I say, art, that I have created.

Comments, ideas or suggestions are welcome and encouraged. I hope, if nothing else, you find something that brings you a smile, or sparks an idea for you to explore!