Friday, May 27, 2011

Time Has Wings

I know...long time no see. Don't get me started! The title of this post refers to an infamous family game of Pictionary some years ago. I drew for my sister a clock with wings, thinking, "this is an easy one - we've got it sewn up!", fully expecting her to quickly say, "TIME FLIES!!" Somehow, she was stumped, and said hesitantly, "Time has wings??" That may have been when she swore off ever being my partner again, claiming I was too competitive. Her answer has since become a family saying that we still laugh about.

Anyhow, I recently discovered a weekly Zentangle challenge hosted by I Am The Diva, here So here is my first submission. This challenge was for everyone to tangle the same string design. I experimented a little with my tangles and had fun with it. I'm looking forward to the next challenge!

I will soon post some more tangles, and a special little project that I can't talk about until it is in the mail!

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoy your solution, lot's of depth and movement in this little pictionary-influenced tile. Especially like your flirty little curvaceous wings peeking up from the bottom!