Thursday, May 13, 2010

AMGL Donation

This is a piece created for the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette installation/auction exhibition 1/23 - 3/21/2009. It was a fundraiser entitled Make Art Present! A Mosaic of Community Gifts. Any type of art could be submitted, as long as it fit into the 8 x 10 frame received when you registered. There were many amazing artworks submitted! I would have loved to bid on about 10 pieces.

This is a polymer clay creation, made from both solid and liquid clay. I made Skinner blends of different colors, stamped designs, cut them out and highlighted with some pearl powders. A local woman won it in the auction for about $45, which was a thrill for me! (My first purchased piece of art!) She emailed me to say how much she loved it and how it perfectly accented her Moroccan-themed bedroom. It was such a pleasure to create something that a total stranger could enjoy.

I also submitted a photograph that sold as well, which I can't seem to locate a photo of right now - ha! If I do, I will post it.

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  1. Wow! That lady got a good deal for such a beautiful piece of original art! I'd be interested in hearing more details about how you created it as I've never done any work with clay -- nor even heard of "liquid clay" (showing my ignorance here!LOL). Very inspirational!

    Paula @